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Introducing Attorneypreneur

Attorneypreneur® is a signature program for attorneys and other professionals who are ready to break free from the daily, overwhelming demands of their work and create a clear path that empowers them to follow their dreams and live authentically.

If you have reached a point in your career that something needs to change, or you desire to develop your own practice, or you want to completely pivot from the practice of law and discover a new career, Attorneypreneur® is the program for you.

With Attorneypreneur®, you will not only discover what is not working for you in your current work, you will learn what is actually important to you, and focus on what you really want. This system helps attorneys release the daily stress many attorneys experience so that they can lead a more rewarding and enriching life.  Attorneypreneur® helps you get from where you are now to where you want to be.

All you have to do to start reclaiming your life is to click on the button below to schedule a free, confidential 45-minute call with me.

How AttorneypreneurTM Works

Caterina Ranieri

Meet Caterina Ranieri

Over the years, I eventually settled into two areas of law: business immigration and filing petitions to obtain court orders to help clients on their dual citizenship journeys. I quickly became successful in both areas and developed an excellent reputation for my detail-oriented, results driven work. I have worked with hundreds if not thousands of clients around the world, helping them reach their dreams of working and living in the United States, or, conversely, helping others achieve their dreams of being recognized as citizens of other countries.

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