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Caterina Ranieri’s Bio

My law career spans many decades. As the daughter and first-born child of Italian immigrants, the pressure was on me to pave the road for my siblings and choose a profession that was honorable, lucrative, and secure. So I decided becoming an attorney was my calling.

Caterina RanieriOver the years, I eventually settled into two areas of law: business immigration and NYS civil practice for dual citizenship matters. I quickly became successful in both areas and developed an excellent reputation for my detail-oriented, results driven work.

I have worked with clients around the world, helping them reach their dreams of working and living in the United States, or, conversely, helping others achieve their dreams of being recognized as citizens of other countries.

I designed my two areas of practice while I was a solo practitioner. I loved the flexibility of having my own practice and being able to schedule vacations on my time.

But the work became overwhelming. I found myself dealing with a tsunami of cases with which I could not keep up. I hired legal assistants and paralegals, but it was not enough to help me manage the practice. I was burning out quickly. In the middle of all this, I was going through a divorce. The files came home with me and I continued to work as long as needed. My family saw the toll the work took on my health, and my sleep became less and less.

I remember one day, I was in the conference room on the phone with a NYC colleague and I sitting on the floor so no one else in the office could hear me. I was expressing to him my overwhelming stress and fear that I could not keep up with the work no matter what I did.

Looking back, while under the table upset, fearful, and overwhelmed, I now realize I was unconsciously looking for an escape hatch.

I was trapped, or so I thought I was.

Now, I practice doing what I actually love about the law – helping dual citizenship clients petition for NYS orders that help them on their dual citizenship journeys. AND, I now work with professionals who are looking to break away from current careers so they can design and create their new future.

Once I became empowered,  I now have freedom and flexibility, I have systems in place that keep everything smoothly rolling along, work is fun again, I sleep better, my blood pressure normalized, and my family life is happy and peaceful.

I became a certified Integrative NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Coach, a Master Practitioner of NLP, and a Practitioner of Mental and Emotional Release.

While all these certifications may or may not sound impressive, what I am most of all passionate about is working with professionals such as yourself who are ready to let go, become empowered, discover their true path, and live an authentic life.

There were many months though, when I experienced uncertainty, self-doubt, and worry. I asked myself the same questions you are asking yourself right now. The fear of the unknown really took its toll on me. But I got through it. I broke free. I designed my future. And you can, too.

Get started with my signature program that I have designed to help put you on that path. It is as easy as scheduling a 45-minute confidential, complimentary consultation.


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